New Wine in Old Wine-skins?

After more than two years of silence and inertia, efforts are at last being made to bring us into the social media age. A small putea is being used to provide some help in getting our message out there; for too long, we have been silent or restricted our response to a raft of social and political conflict issues to a small group of faithful supporters who turn up at our monthly meetings.

We hope that this new burst of energy will lead to a more active role in the media and to regular comments on issues relating to peace, justice and the common good; God knows, there are enough of them.

So watch this the benefit of your thoughts and experience as we all work towards ‘peace for all, everywhere’.

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War Crimes in Sri Lanka That Wait For Justice

On Saturday 4th June – Kevin McBride and Peter Murnane attended a forum in Pakuranga, Auckland, led by the Tamil Community. It discussed the recent United Nations Report on war crimes committed in the closing months of the terrible civil war that was so destructive to Sri Lanka.

Although the military fighting came to an end in mid-2009, and war crimes were committed on both sides, the severe historic oppression of the Tamil people continues, and is now taking the form of “ethnic cleansing” and genocide organized by the Sri Lankan Government.

 Several New Zealand Members of Parliament were present at the Forum.

For much more information from the Tamil viewpoint see:

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Welcome to Pax Christi!

Global Peace March, Waiheke Island, Aotearoa

Do you share our passion to:

Help everyone to respect our planet

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“Blessed are the peace-makers”



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