Your Peacemaking

The Peace of Christ

Peacemaking is a means of dealing with conflict, a way of behaving: “There is no way to peace; Peace is the way” – A J Muste

Peacemaking is a way of relating in which the fullness of life can subsist: thus we cannot be un-peaceful in achieving peace.

“The end must be contained in the means” – Mahatma Gandhi

A culture of peace recognises the contradiction between legitimized violence and Jesus’s commandment of love. (John 13:34). “We must be willing to bear suffering, not to inflict it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Educating for peace begins in our own hearts:

Be attentive

Be reasonable

Be responsible

Be understanding

Be in love

Attentiveness to self leads us to be open to others and to an appreciation of integrity of Creation.

Ministries of Peacemaking

Reminding – Interpreting – Advocacy – Resisting – Caring – Making Community – Envisioning (Dreaming / Building Hope)

What Pax Christi can do for you

Deepen your spirituality of peace through seminars, reflections and retreats.

Keep you informed on current issues of peace and justice at home and abroad.

Provide a multi-level response to issues of conflict based on understanding, reflection, prayer and action.

Link you into a highly respected international Catholic and ecumenical movement for peace and justice.

What you can do for Pax Christi

Join/form a local Pax Christi group in your parish/community/workplace/school.

Subscribe to Pax Christi newsletters, national and/or international.

Support the work of Pax Christi through donations/prayer/information.

Share with us the work of other peace groups you are involved with.

Join our travelling ambassadors who take personal greetings to Pax Christi sections throughout the world.

And just a reminder: our Auckland meetings are regularly held at 6 pm on the third Wednesday of each month at the Peace Place, 2F/22 Emily Place, Auckland.


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