Left: David Tutty Right: Kevin McBride

Kevin McBride and Judith Crimmins

Global Peace March, Waiheke Island

Peace March – Synagogue To Church To Mosque

3 February 2003

A March For Justice And Peace – Synagogue To Church To Mosque

On Sunday 2 February 2003 around 200 people of different religions and beliefs joined together in Auckland to show a united front towards peace in the Middle East. Twelve of these people had travelled from Hamilton. Pax Christi member, David Wakim welcomed participants outside the Synagogue at Kadimah College in Greys Ave. Prayers followed this welcome from communities representing Jews, Christians and Muslims. The over-riding theme was a prayer for peace in the Middle East with Mohammad Umar Chand of the Muslim community reminding us all from the words of the Koran that we belong to the land – not that the land belongs to us!

As this diverse group of people joined together in a march from Synagogue to Church to Mosque, Laurie, Sacha and John led us in song

We quickly learnt the words of peace - Salaam in Arabic, Shalom in Hebrew

At the heart of all religions is PEACE. If the spirit of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are truly present then we will find peace throughout the world

History shows over and over again ordinary people have had to fight the establishment for the rights of the downtrodden and the weak

On our way to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ponsonby

Participants are encouraged to lobby local councils, regional councils and the New Zealand Government to constantly seek peace and to work towards solving the problems of the world in their daily work

Walking over Hopetoun Bridge


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