At 6am on the morning of the 30 April three people entered the Waihopai Spy Base and used a sickle to deflate one of the two 30 metre domes covering satellite interception dishes. The group then built a shrine and prayed for the victims of the war with no end – the so-called ‘War on Terror’ led by the United States. They took such action because they felt compelled to non-violently respond to the Bush Administration’s admission that intelligence gathering is the most important tool of the ‘War on Terror’- ANZAC PLOUGHSHARES

Waihopai is New Zealand’s most significant contribution to the war on ‘terror’ in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other American wars. Waihopai is controlled by the US, with New Zealand (including Parliament) having little or no idea what goes on there (let alone any control). – Anti Bases Campaign (ABC)

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